We specialize in creating specialized B2B systems and applications base on FileMaker technology

Our solutions are systems for business clients who are looking for certain solutions

We have solutions that we adapt to individual needs

We design systems and plan to implement the system before we deliver the system to the customer.

Działamy kompleksowo

Our approuch

We are flexible in terms of the business model for the implementation of software development services:


The basic mode in which we operate is the “offer -> implementation, offer -> implementation” process, in which at the initial stage we analyze the client’s requirements (payable), and then we implement the agreed scope in stages.
We can also operate in the “settlement after real execution” model – the model works well when the customer’s requirements are specified.


In fact, not all elements can be predicted in advance, so in each project we provide time for customer acceptance tests, during which the last details are recorded.

Selected customers

  • Consulting company
  • Government institution responsible for the construction of the airport
  • A company that assembles doors and floors
  • Provider of reporting systems for medium and large enterprises
  • Krakow University
  • Operator of one of the largest e-stores in Poland
  • Research and development center from Wrocław

Specialized competences

  • Low Code System (FileMaker)
  • Systems for managing a portfolio of projects and programs
  • Report presentation systems (www, iOS, Android)
  • Document management systems
  • E-Archive systems
  • Systems for registration and settlement of working time
  • Solutions based on RPA platforms
  • Indoor positioning
  • Location inside buildings

Our Solutions


OmniDealer is an innovative solution that streamlines the sales process in showrooms. OmniDealer increases the interest of customers, at the same time reducing the barriers that extend decision-making, eg the choice of colors, versions, accessories. The innovative image and high comfort of service result in better brand perception and higher loyalty for the customer


OmniDealer uses the latest technologies:

  • IBeacon internal location,
  • Augmented reality relality,
  • ColorSwap real-time color change,
  • Website software for the analysis of results.


OmniFurniture is a comprehensive solution for the furniture industry. Using built-in tools, it combines all the features of a modern approach to sales – OmniChannel.


The most important features of the OmniFurniture system:

  • 3D furniture in augmented reality technology – matching furniture from the store’s assortment to the interior of the customer’s apartment,
  • OmniChannel – integration of the online world with physical showrooms,
  • Modern marketing – Augmented Reality technology,
  • Cooperation with interior designers.

Technologie realizacji


  • .NET
  • Postgre SQL
  • SQL Server
  • Xamarin
  • NET Core


  • HTML 5.0
  • R
  • C#
  • Swift
  • IoT


  • FileMaker
  • Share Point

Why is it worth trusting us?

We have many years of experience in the IT industry

We support clients in defining their requirements

Where possible, we support ourselves with our solutions and adjust them to the client’s needs

We adapt the system to the client’s requirements

We have experience in system integration

We use ready-made libraries that significantly speed up the development process

We have a number of ready-made solutions that we adapt to the client’s needs

Along with technology, we provide business solutions