The takeover in the maintenance and development of business applications based on the File Maker platform is intended for companies that are looking for a solution to support their own systems based on the FileMaker platform and lack internal resources to be able to develop the created systems. The FileMaker platform allows you to very quickly build and develop your own business applications without specialized programming knowledge, however, along with the development of your own applications, it is necessary to constantly maintain them, which for many companies may involve too high costs and therefore we meet the expectations of the market by offering the possibility of taking over in the maintenance of entire systems based on this platform.

Audit of File Maker application

The first step is an audit of the applications developed in the company, which will allow our team to better understand the functional scope of the previously developed applications and precisely outline the plan of taking over the application maintenance.

Supervised takeover in maintenance

A supervised maintenance takeover allows us to get to know the client’s applications better in real conditions. Typically, internally developed applications have very little documentation or no documentation at all, therefore consultations, in-depth analysis of reports and verification of reports in the test environment become necessary. During this period, the error resolution time is extended x2 – x3 in relation to the target times assumed by the parties to the maintenance agreement.

Full maintenance

After passing the “Supervised Takeover in Maintenance” stage, the created and developed applications on the File Maker platform along with the created system integrations are fully taken over.

The scope of this support usually includes:

  • FileMaker Server Upgrade
  • FM database backups
  • Granting permissions to users
  • Solving reported errors with the operation of File Maker PRO and File Maker Web Direct client applications
  • Development of applications based on the FileMaker platform
  • Creation of reports and summaries
  • Writing dedicated scripts and microservices based on the FileMaker platform
    As part of separate projects, major changes in applications or writing new modules are made.