FileMaker platform give firms huge possibilities within the scope of creating own applications on the basis of ready and checked FileMaker platform. FileMaker will allow to create own solutions supporting actions of firm justified to individual needs, for instance: documentation management, including: contracts, orders, quality documentation, financial documentation, designing documentation, etc.

Applications based on the FileMaker platform allow to adjust an application view depending on appliance on which we can browse and edit data.

FileMaker allows to edit data on laptop, tablet or mobile phone for needs of creating additional applications.

FileMaker has built-in tools to create dedicated reports and prints, what essentially increases utility of created solutions.

Solutions based on FileMaker offered firms:

  • Praxi DocManagement – application to manage documentation in firm
  • Praxi Finances Register – application to register costs and revenues including connection costs with MPK
  • Praxi Office Management – application to manage office equipment