Business applications creation training on the basis of File Maker platform. Business applications creation training is entitled for firms, which search for solutions to support for their own fields systems and they know how MS Excel constricts them.

File Maker Platform allows to build quickly and develop your business applications without specialist knowledge of the programmer. The platform is so intuitive that a participant of the training will be able to create his own applications in his firm after 3 days of training.

Purposes of services

A purpose of training is to acquire knowledge and skills by the participant which are necessary to create a business application on the basis of FileMaker platform. After training, the participant will get a knowledge about: modelling data structures; creating forms and reports on the laptop, smartphone, tablet; creating reports and charts; importing data from Excel files by using a built-in mechanism of importing data from Excel files, SQL or flat files.


Training is divided into 3 modules:

Module I

FileMaker application
  • Basic optimization problems – why we need such platforms as FileMaker?
  • Introduction to the FileMaker platform
  • FileMaker PRO application operation
  • FileMaker Go application operation
  • FileMaker WebDirect application operation
  • Creating advanced questions
  • Import of data from Excel file
  • Export of data to Excel file

Module II

Creating own FileMaker forms
  • Creating forms on the basis of data from Excel file
  • Formating fields: Date, amount
  • Creating own selection fields
  • Creating layout on a tablet
  • Creating layout on smartphone
  • Creating counting fields

Module III

Creating data folded structures and reports
  • Creating data folded structures
  • Modeling connections between structures and data
  • External data sources management (Excel file, other FileMaker application)
  • Creating reports
  • Creating charts

Number of training hours

24 (3 days for 8 hours)

To whom a training is directed

We invite all employees of accountancy, administrative departments, compliance department and employees of other departments, who handle with conducting numerous registers and statements, especially on the basis of Excel files. This training allows for the participants to become acquainted with FileMaker platform, which will allow to manage information in the firm in an integrated way. Creating own business microapplications, we create more flexible solution than Excel files and without numerous cons like: errors in creating folded counting rules, no access control, no possibility to register autofilters, no view on pdf documents from a Excel level (for instance: order or contract view), incoherent source data, itd.

Number of training participants

Min. 5 persons

Effect of learning/educational purpose

As a result, the participant will get a knowledge and skills necessary to create own business applications on the basis of FileMaker platform. Acquired skills by the participant include:

  • Ability to operate FileMaker PRO application
  • Ability to operate FileMaker Go application
  • Ability to operate FileMaker WebDirect application
  • Ability of incremental import of data from Excel files
  • Ability to create own form on the basis of FileMaker PRO tool
  • Ability to create layouts justified to resolution of mobile appliances: tablet, smartphone
  • Ability to model data structures on the basis of two or more date sources
  • Ability to create selection list
  • Ability to create folds with a view of subordinate data
  • Ability to create conditions on the basis of built-in script language
  • Ability to create calculating fields
  • Ability to create charts

Description of participation conditions

First group of participants are persons working with a big amount of data and using Excel as a tool to register data. Computer command and Excel sheet are required. At least, half year work experience with Excel Sheets as registers but not reports.

Second group of participants are IT employees developing internal systems as an internal department of programming development.

Conducting person – Konrad Bajor

Specialization field:
He is specialized in business processes optimization

Selected projects including the training:
Below, we presented a list of exemplary projects including trainings and workshops. These projects were realized between 2008 -2019:

  • Measurement, analysis and optimization of processes for ELZAB S.A.
  • Measurement, analysis and optimization of processes for PEPSICO Consulting Sp. z o.o.
  • Measurement, analysis and optimization of processes for REGITECH SP. z o.o.
  • Analysis of production processes profitability for MANDO Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • System analysis and system designing for sale prediction analysis for TreamSoft Sp. z o.o.
  • Analysis of business processes and analysis of system for outsourcing service of employees for BUDIMEX SA
  • Conducting strategic advisory project for Billennium Sp. z o.o.
  • Conducting strategic advisory project for producer of construction branch components
  • Conducting strategic advisory project for Frapol S.A.
  • Preparing project of knowledge base for ASSECO POLAND SA

Selected trainings and certificates:

  • Business Cheetah conveyed by the European Business Institute – 2019;
  • Training: Improve your business with FileMaker platform – 2019;
  • Certificate: Influencing – conveyed by New Heroes – 2019
  • Certificate: Prince2 Practitioner – 2011


Konrad Bajor – experience and competences