The service includes supporting the firm within the scope of conducting analysis/technical and functional assessment of document circulation in terms of implementation of new system to optimize circulation of documents and information.

Purpose of services

The purpose of advisory services is identification of business processes with documents circulation in the firm in the context of optimization of this process by means of an internal tool, including:


  • Identification of all processes in the firm on the N-1 level,
  • Identification of all documents taking part in document circulation,
  • Preparing particulars of processes maps AS IS on the N-3 level with usage of BPMN notation including place of particular documents processing,
  • Creating functional requirements for new IT system improving documents circulation in the firm, preparing implementing guidelines.

Term of realization

Individual arrangements with the Ordering party.

Price/term of service

Price for singular working hour amounts to 150.00 PLN net.

Calculated volume of hours to realize the full scope of works for average organization amounts to about 120 working hours.

For whom the service is granted

The Service is granted to firm from SME sector (small, medium enterprises).

Scope of advisory service

Phase 1. Identification of processes and documents:

  • analytic meetings describing functioning of particular departments and branches and their mutual connections,
  • acquainting with the documentation given,
  • discussing used types of documents in organizations with division into areas,
  • preparing processes lists,
  • preparing processes maps on the N-1 level.


Phase 2. Preparing processes maps for selected processes:

  • analytic meetings describing processes course,
  • preparing particular processes maps AS IS inclding places, where documents are processes for which implementation of documents circulation system is predicted.


Phase 3. Preparing functional requirements and implementation plan of changes in the organization in reference to implementing new system:

  • analytic meetings describing functional requirements of the system,
  • preparing functional requirements of the system to documents circulation,
  • preparing Implementation Plan.

The effect of advisory service are final products (with division into phases)

Phase 1. Identification of processes and documents:

  • list of processes in organization,
  • list of identified documents,
  • processes map on N-1 level.


Phase 2. Preparing processes maps for selected processes:

  • processes maps (20 processes selected from the List) connected with implementation of the documents ciruculation system.


Phase 3. Preparing functional requirements and implementation plan:

  • functional requirements,
  • organization changes implementation plan.

Localization of services

Plac Szczepański 3

31-011 Kraków

*Place for the realization of an advisory service may be also the Client’s office.

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