We specialize in creating and delivery of specialist B2B systems and applications for mobile devices.

Our solutions are the systems for the business clients which use the mobile applications as an element of the user’s interface.

We possess solutions which we adjust to the individual needs

We create visions of target solution

We project systems and we plan the implementation of the system before we deliver the system to the client

We act in a complex manner

How do we operate?

We are flexible in the scope of the business model to realize the services of creating software:


  • The basic mode, in which we operate is the process “offer -> realization”, in which on the initial stage we analyse the requirements of the client, we estimate the project and we present to the Client a complete offer (scope, schedule, valuation), by which we later realize the project. The Client has here guarantee of time and cost.
  • We can act also in the model “settlement after real performance” – the model is perfect for the situation when the requirements of the Client are not specified and the creation process requires prototyping.


We create basically the software in the cascade model trying to assign as much importance as possible to the initial analysis of the needs and projecting. We know that the errors committed on the stage cost the most and changes in the concept made during the analysis – the least.


In fact not all elements can be predicted in advance therefore in each project we forecast the time for acceptance tests for the Client within which the last details are specified.

Selected clients

  • The Institute dealing with culture
  • The supplier of dedicated IT systems in Warsaw
  • Manufacturer of the latest systems for managing the fleet of vehicles
  • Supplier of reporting systems for medium and large enterprises
  • Higher School of Kraków
  • National Bank
  • Operator of one of the largest e-shops in Poland
  • Research-development center from Wroclaw
  • Architectonic agency from Wroclaw
  • Town offices (applications promoting the services and tourists attractions of towns)
  • Technical university in Kraków

Specialist competences

  • Systems for project and programs portfolio management
  • Systems for report presentation (www, iOS, Android)
  • Systems for documents managing
  • e-Archiwum systems
  • Systems for registration and settlement of work time
  • Solutions on the basis of the RPA platform
  • Augmented Reality on the basis of recognizing image, markers and localization
  • Internet of Things
  • Positioning inside the rooms
  • Localization inside the buildings
  • Scanning 3D

Our solutions


OmniDealer is a novelty solution improving a sales process in showrooms. OmniDealer increases the interest of clients, decreasing barriers at the same time extending the decision making process, e.g. selection of colours of versions, additions. Innovative image and high comfort of the service causes for the Client better perception of the brand and higher loyalty


OmniDealer uses the latest technologies:

  • Internal localization iBeacon,
  • Augmented reality,
  • Change in colour of real time ColourSwap,
  • WWW software for results analysis.


OmniFurniture is a complex solution for furniture sector. By means of inbuilt tools it combines all features of the modern approach to sales – OmniChannel.


The most important features of the OmniFurniture system:

  • 3D furniture in extended reality – adjusted to the furniture from assortment of the shop for the interior of the client’s apartment,
  • OmniChannel – integration of online light with physical sales showrooms,
  • Modern marketing – Augmented Reality technology,
  • Cooperation with interior architects.


OmniARchitecture is the system which allows to present the effects of any building investment just on the stage of its project by means the screen of mobile devices. Using author solutions of augmented reality the system presented any virtual project 3D in actual localization and scale.


The systems is perfect in:

  • Developer sector,
  • Project studios,
  • Architectonic offices.

PraxiTimer – System for time measurement

PraxiTimer is a dedicated solution developed with the thought on working time measurement for white collars. The system uses the mobile application on the tablet for the constant measurement of the repeated activities taking into account such elements as Order number, number of items, etc.


The synchronization of data with the BeeBole system is realized on-line, and in case of problems with communication data is buffered

in the off-line mode and synchronized upon restoring the communication with the system. The off-line working system is used in case of a limited access to Internet e.g. warehouses.

Realization technologies


  • .NET
  • Postgre SQL
  • SQL Server
  • Xamarin
  • NET Core


  • HTML 5.0
  • R
  • C#
  • Swift
  • IoT


  • File Maker
  • Share Point

Why are we trustworthy?

We have long-term experience in IT sector

We support clients in defining requirements

Where possible, we support with ready solutions and we adjust them to the client’s needs

Except for the technology, we offer a complex analysis of the needs and possibilities of the client

In a complex manner we adjust the system to the client’s requirements

We have experience in integration of the systems

We use the ready libraries which will accelerate more the development process

We possess a number of ready solutions, which adjust to the needs of the client

With the technology we deliver finished business solutions